Pastor’s Letter, July 9, Headmaster, Tommy Curtin

Imagine a planet where a large portion of the population is both highly educated and believed and did patently absurd things. In fact, the more years the inhabitants spent receiving this planet’s education, the more likely they were to become illogical and narcissistic. A visitor to such a planet might reasonably conclude that the “education” in question was the very thing producing these results. In other words, the activity the inhabitants called education was not in fact creating well-educated people. It was creating the exact opposite. 

Welcome to Planet Earth, where our very own state government schools have been mercilessly educating our citizens in just this way for decades. Beginning around the middle of the 20th century they began removing religion, truth, virtue, memorization, grammar, logic, and rhetoric from the curriculum, in favor of a nebulous “college and career readiness”. (Do high school graduates seem more college and career ready these days?) 

A review of all the absurdities of modern American society is not necessary. You know what is happening and sense it is only going to get worse unless something changes. 

Our Lady of the Rosary School exists to educate Catholic children in the Faith. Well, guess what? That’s the mission of every Catholic school, and plenty of them fail miserably at it. The reason most fail is that, while they teach religion and offer the sacraments, the lion’s share of their academic program is borrowed wholesale from the very government schools their families hoped to escape. Their teachers teach from pagan textbooks using the pagan methods they learned in their pagan training programs. 

I use the term pagan advisedly, for secular is no longer the right word. The philosophy of public government education is not values-neutral; it is deeply imbued with an alternative subjectivist religion that opposes Christianity in its essence. This reality must be understood before anything OLR school does will make sense. But once it is understood, no education but the one OLR offers can make sense. 

My next letter will briefly explain how OLR’s classical program both educates students to live properly as Catholics and inoculates them against the absurdities of modern society.