St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society is a volunteer-driven organization. Its members are organized into small, community-based groups called conferences. They meet at a local Catholic church to assist the poor and needy in their neighborhoods, regardless of their race, sex, age, or religion. We are an equal opportunity provider.

To join, contact the church office.

Ministries of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Our Lady of the Rosary Conference:

Food Pantry

A food pantry is available to anyone in need that resides in Greenville County. It is located on the Our Lady of the Rosary Campus at 2 James Drive in the back courtyard. The food pantry is open every Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am except on holidays. For information about the food pantry, call 864-412-7101.

Financial Assistance

The St. Vincent de Paul Society – Our Lady of the Rosary Conference has a mission to help the less fortunate in our parish, the surrounding area, and the wider community. As part of this mission, SVdP may use some of its available funds to assist those in financial difficulty. The following procedures will be followed in giving assistance:

Direct cash assistance is not available. Prior to a second request for financial assistance, an interval of six months must have passed and it must be demonstrated that there has been some effort to improve the financial situation.

Assistance should focus only on those items critical to the safety and security of the individual requesting the assistance. Examples include electric, gas, water or heating bills. Assistance will be provided for legitimate, existing bills or obligations owed to verifiable businesses (those having a tax ID).

How to Request funds

A request for funds must be made directly by the person needing assistance by calling 864 412 7101 and leaving a message that includes your full name and phone number. Those requesting funds will be called back in a timely manner to set up an appointment for a phone interview and to submit required documentation. Interviews are by appointment only. No walk-ins will be interviewed. If the interview is positive and the request is approved, payment will be submitted directly to the agency or business by SVdP.

Required Documentation

• Proof of identity (driver’s license, picture ID, etc.)
• Proof of current address (if driver’s license is not current, a 2nd document with current address)
• Proof of source of income (pay stubs, alimony receipts, section 8 assistance, SSI or SSD, etc.)
• The bill for which you need assistance must be in your name. You must present the original copy of the most recent bill.

Ministry to the Homebound or in Nursing Homes

Members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society visit the homebound or residents in nursing homes on a regular basis to offer fellowship, friendship and prayer. They will also bring communion if requested. For more information, or to request a visit, please contact the Our Lady of the Rosary Church office at 864 422 1648, or Victoria Norris at